A Connectivity Platform
Uniquely Built for
Commercial Real Estate

We’re Solving the Commercial Real Estate Technology Challenge

We believe every commercial real estate (CRE) building owner/operator deserves a single, next-generation cybersecurity connectivity platform integrating all connections and systems with visibility to all building system performance, enabling full utilization and monetization of a property.

Solving this technology challenge creates a partnership between Red Bison and the CRE community enabling significant cost savings, new tenant technology service delivery, and new revenue streams that increase asset values making Red Bison a truly unique company.

Where it All Started

With unique and deep-seated backgrounds in technology and communications, the Red Bison Technology Group was formed in 2016 by a founding team led by co-founder Admiral Bill Owens (Ret.) and Senior Advisor Juan Alfonso. This team recognized the importance of networks as innovative foundations to enhance the competitiveness of the commercial real estate sector and increase the value of structural assets.


Previously the second highest-ranking officer in the Department of Defense, Owens was known for his deep understanding of communication, connectivity, and security on the most progressive levels. So much so that Bill Gates and Craig McCaw sought him out to head their flagship communications company Teledesic. Subsequently, he was also CEO of Nortel Networks and Chairman of CenturyLink (now Lumen).

A key advisor to the Red Bison team, Juan Alfonso, is an award-winning engineer and holder of a number of U.S. Patents, who was one of the leading minds at Motorola during its peak years of success in the communications sector.

Delivering on our mission

The Only Building Connectivity Solution You Will Ever Need

In 2019, Red Bison disrupted the network edge launching its new single, next-generation cybersecurity connectivity platform and business model for the commercial real estate (CRE) and multifamily (MFU) markets. Our platform features gigabit speeds, dual fiber paths and integrates all building/campus connections for all systems, operational equipment, and devices while providing visibility to all building technology data and tracking the performance of interoperability solutions against building objectives.

Creating a Sustainable,
Competitive Advantage
for Building Owners/Operators

Collaborating with Red Bison allows building owners to leverage our technology innovation, cost leadership, and data analytics for a competitive edge in positioning their portfolios in the market. Our proven solution delivers enhanced cybersecurity, a flexible CAPEX model where Red Bison can provide the capital for a project, data analytics to improve building operations, and new tenant services at unmatched rates that create revenue streams/annuities for the building.

With its blue-chip partners, Red Bison's connectivity platform and solutions are deployed and in demand across many high growth and high-value customer segments, including commercial office, multifamily, hospitality, healthcare, and education.